Tough, Highly Efficient Commercial Water Heating


Commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco, announces the AD range 

A new generation of sleekly designed, modulating commercial floor-standing gas condensing water heaters to be used with a buffer for high demand semi-instantaneous hot water applications in sports & leisure centres, hotels, spas, schools, stadia, and large commercial buildings.

The AD range can be configured to operate in a cascade of up to eight water heaters. The controller provides full temperature control and self-check maintenance functions and accommodates 0-10 input, MODBUS communication, and alarm output for seamless system integration. 

•             Five-year warranty on AISI 316Ti heat exchangers

•             Compact floor standing arrangement: AD 70T & AD140T H1180 x W600 x D945mm / AD210T & AD280T M1880 x W600 x D896mm

•             High maximum run pressure up to 11 bar

•             Low emissions, built with Class 6 technology for NOₓ at 27 mg/kWh GCV

•             Available for natural gas or LPG

•             Acid condensate neutraliser included

•             Ideal for soft water applications. Hard water areas over 150ppm require use of a water softener down to 100ppm.

•             Supports standard flue systems using low cost 110-160 mm diameter PP

Tel. 01252551540


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