Improved dry pocket for SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi

Spirotech has improved the dry pocket of the magnetic dirt separator in its steel SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi units, making them even easier to maintain.

The magnetic dirt separators automatically extract dirt (magnetite) from system water in cooling and heating systems, preventing losses in efficiency over their service life.

For the improved dry pocket, a 360-degree rotatable drainage tap has been added to a new immersion tube, which makes it easier for installers to position the tap in the direction of a drain.

The improved steel SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi models are for commercial applications and are available now. While the SpiroTrap is purely a dirt separator, the SpiroCombi is also a deaerator, removing circulating air and microbubbles as well as dirt.

After a period, free air and air bubbles cause corrosion and oxidation, while dirt and other contaminants disrupt the flow. This causes heating and cooling systems to operate less efficiently, which in turn increases energy consumption.

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