Mitsubishi Electric launches modular R32 e-series chiller

Mitsubishi R32

Mitsubishi Electric has launched an R32 version of its popular e-series chillers, available in 150kW and 180kW units. 

The e-series allows up to six units to be connected together to provide a total system capacity of up to 1080kW. The new modular chiller is available in both cooling only and heat pump variations and comes with a five-year warranty.

Using R32 refrigerant, the e-series replaces Mitsubishi Electric’s previous R410A offering, in line with the business’ commitment to provide products with lower Global Warming Potential and abide by F-Gas Regulations. Thanks to the use of improved heat exchange coils and aluminium micro channel in the cooling only version, the overall volume of refrigerant used in the chiller is reduced, helping to increase its energy efficiency.

The e-series has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of up to 5.52, a Delta T of up to 10⁰K and internal headers making it ideal for commercial buildings, such as offices, large retail premises, universities, libraries, hospitality and healthcare, as well as low temperature ambient loop heat networks solutions like multi-residential or multi-purpose buildings.

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