Construction Industry shortage: lack of tradespeople and building materials

Skills shortage

New research reveals 18% of Brits are seeking a career in the trades as a result of the pandemic

Powered Now shared research by the Office for National Statistics, which states that the employment rate in the construction sector for the UK fell from 2.3 million in 2017, to 2.1 million at the end of 2020. This demonstrates a 4% decrease in UK-born workers, and a 42% fall in EU workers. In London, employment fell from 311,124 workers in 2017, to 261,271 at the end of 2020, representing a 54% fall in EU workers, which has only led to further difficulties considering the construction industry was relied on heavily during the pandemic.

•             18% of Brits agree that after COVID, they have found employment within a trade sector to pick up additional work or to commence a new career path

•             15% of tradespeople have seen their client demand increase post-COVID

•             17% of tradespeople regularly work over 10 hours a day

•             16% of tradespeople agree that they lose out on business due to extensive administrative tasks, such as chasing invoices

•             16% of tradespeople agree that sequential waves of COVID had made them more motivated to work

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