Fernox re-vamps its commercial water treatment range

Water treatment

Fernox has updated its range of commercial water treatment solutions. The new range provides heating engineers with the solutions to treat and protect commercial heating and cooling systems, in the quantities needed across the majority of jobs.

Thanks to high performance, concentrated formulas, the Fernox commercial range of products provide installers with convenient to use, more economically sized water treatment solutions that are ideally suited to larger systems.

Cleaner F3 10 litre

This universal cleaner can be used for the pre-commission cleaning of new systems and has been specially formulated to remove flux residues, oil, grease and other installation debris, to maintain efficiency and avoid damage to system components. Its dispersant technology is suitable for all types of system water, making this product ideal for a wide range of projects.

It is recommended to leave Cleaner F3 10 litre in the system for up to one week under normal operating conditions. The non-foaming formulation means it is easy to remove the product from the system after use, saving time on-site and minimising disruption to the customer.

Protector F1 10 litre

Once the system is cleaned, this high-performance water treatment product works to prevent corrosion and limescale formation in commercial heating and cooling systems. Thanks to its excellent pH buffering, this product ensures that the system water remains at the optimum pH, thereby preventing corrosion in mixed metal systems to ensure optimum efficiency. Even better still, Protector F1 10 litre combines organic, anodic and cathodic corrosion protection for maximum effectiveness and to ensure system longevity.

This product also has a high performance, non-toxic formulation that has low environmental impact and has been approved by NSF CIAS and Belgaqua.

Leak Sealer F4 10 litre

For a quick and easy fix for small, inaccessible leaks and weeps, Fernox has developed Leak Sealer F4 10 litre. Once dosed into the system, this internal leak sealer will find the area of oxygen ingress and form a polymer to seal the pinhole without causing blockages or restrictions on vulnerable system components such as pumps, air vents and safety devices. What’s more, a leak can be quickly and efficiently sealed without the need for a complete system drain down, minimising time on site. 

Protector+ Filter Fluid F9 10 litre

Designed for use with the Fernox commercial range of in-line system filters, Protector+ Filter Fluid F9 10 litre is a unique inhibitor and dispersant package that has been designed to provide premium protection against corrosion and scale to suspend and deliver circulating debris within the system to an in-line filter for safe collection and removal.

It benefits from a high performance, non-toxic formulation that has low environmental impact and has been approved by NSF CIAS and Belgaqua.

As with all water treatment solutions, it is vital that all chemicals within the commercial range are correctly dosed into the system to ensure their effectiveness and full system protection. One 10 litre bottle can be used to treat systems up to 2,000 litres at a dose rate of 0.5%.

Anthony Martindale, Global Product Manager at Fernox said: “Thanks to our extensive research and development expertise, we are pleased to share this latest product update, as part of our ongoing commitment to system maintenance and providing installers with best practice solutions. Our updated commercial range of chemical water treatment products have been specifically designed for use on larger, commercial systems. Each product can be safely used in conjunction with all other Fernox commercial products, providing installers with a selection of quality solutions that can be used to maintain system efficiency and optimum performance effortlessly.”

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