Case Study: Turtle Covers - Wrexham

Trading since 2004, Wrexham based manufacturing company, Turtle Covers were looking to move premises to facilitate their expanding business.  Having found the perfect location their new warehouse needed a state-of-the-art heating system.

The newly refurbished building has received significant time and investment from its original state of disrepair and now  offers a workshop with 45m x 24m space and a machine shop which is 25m x 14m.   The new facility will provide the opportunity to continue to improve their product offering. Marc William the owner of Turtle Covers was impressed that the original Combat heaters had stood the test of time and wanted to stay with a British built product. Marc was also impressed that British built heaters were still obtainable, he also felt that communication between Combat and the Installers, AJS, was excellent and condusive to an effective installation overall.

Combat Heating Solutions Ltd were able to provide the ideal replacement  for the new building by installing 2 x ELO55-105 oil fired floor standing cabinet heaters in the workshop and 1 x ELO55-105 floor standing cabinet heater in the machine shop.  Both the main workshop/warehouse and  sewing room were to be heated using preferred choice Kerosene,  Replacing the warm air heating system was the obvious choice for the workshop due this being adjacent to the warehouse.  As the machinists are sat in one position for the majority of the day, in the sewing room, the decision was made to use a warm air heating system so that the air would circulate keeping staff warm and comfortable from head to toe, rather than using a radiant system which wouldn’t have heated the machinists feet whilst they were seated.

To ensure there is minimal heat wastage  de-stratification fans to push warmth back down to the rear of the shop being warehouse space.

Warm air heating is a modern replacement for traditional water-heating systems within commercial premises and works by forcing warm air around the building. These heaters are most often used in commercial properties and public spaces such as retail outlets and sports halls and are known to improve energy efficiency when compared to other systems.

Warm air heating works by pulling cold air from the building and pushing it across a heat exchanger. The cold air is heated via the fan and re-distributed back into the environment until an ambient temperature is achieved. 

The ideal solution

Cabinet heaters can benefit from a pre-mounted Combat Control and electrical mains supply with a new “plug and play” mains connector wich contributes to significantly reducing overall installations time and costs. (this can be provided separately to the appliance upon request).

The distribution heads have been redesigned for an aesthetically sleek appearance, as well as increasing the number of heads to improve the distribution of warm air throughout the building.

In addition, de-stratification fans complement your new industrial heating investment. Our energy-saving de-stratification fans improve the efficiency of the heater by keeping valuable warm air down at working level, thus reducing heat loss through the roof structure.

HVE Fans can eliminate thermal stratification from your building. They work by constantly circulating and mixing the internal air until temperatures are balanced and equalised between the floor and ceiling - thermal De-stratification.

This reduces the workload for heating and cooling systems significantly and also provides considerable energy saving and reduced carbon footprint.

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