New Testo 883-2 thermal imaging camera

Testo 883-2 thermal imaging camera

The best image quality, high-level image analysis, easy creation of professional reports and the wide-angle lens makes the newly-launched testo 883-2 thermal imaging camera the perfect partner for maintenance staff, facility managers and building consultants.

How it benefits Facility Maintenance

A key advantage of the Testo 883-2 is its wide-angle lens of 42° x 32°, offering a better overview of the entire area of interest. This is paired with an improved IFOVgeo: 2,3mrad (for 320x240 pixel), meaning one singular pixel can recognise even smaller dimensions, which enables workers to detect even the slightest of thermal anomalies. Users can swiftly analyse and prioritise areas that require attention, allowing focused and efficient maintenance operations.

One of the standout features of the testo 883-2 is its seamless integration with the Testo Thermography App. Users can easily connect their smartphone to the thermal imaging camera, enabling them to mirror a second display. This provides a larger viewing area and enables multiple team members to simultaneously analyse thermal images.

The app can function as a remote control for the thermal imaging camera. The camera’s advanced technology and intuitive controls enable

users to navigate effortlessly through menus, adjust settings, capture images, and perform measurements from their smartphone. This is particularly advantageous in situations where the camera needs to be placed in challenging locations.

Creating comprehensive reports is an essential aspect of thermal analysis, especially in industries where safety is paramount. The testo 883-2 simplifies this process with its compatibility with the Testo IRSoft software which provides a user-friendly platform to manage, analyse, and report thermal images efficiently. A key feature of the software is its ability to generate reports quickly and easily, allowing users to compile findings into professional reports with just a few clicks.

The camera is now available for purchase at Testo-authorised distributors and through the official website.

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