Lighting and sun protection for optimal indoor environment with Trilux

Trilux in action.

Zehnder has unveiled its Centre of Climate at its German headquarters in Lahr.

Spanning 5,000 square metres, the state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub for innovation, learning, and collaboration, catering to employees, customers, and visitors alike.

 The centre consists of open office spaces, meeting and conference rooms, a new restaurant with a café serving as a communal gathering place, and a brand experience room. Its paramount objective is occupants’ well-being.

 Central to the building’s holistic design is the WELLUMIC system, a collaborative creation of TRILUX and WAREMA. The solution is a coordinated light management system. The algorithm-based control system optimally harnesses available daylight, simultaneously preventing indoor spaces from overheating, especially during summer when excessive sunlight exposure would necessitate energy- intensive cooling. Sensors continuously gauge indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, automatically adjusting external blinds and lighting accordingly.

A notable feature is the precise control of external blinds through SMI motors. The motors finely adjust the angle of individual slats in real-time, down to the nearest degree. To minimise glare and maximise sunlight penetration, the intricate algorithm factors variables such as the sun’s angle relative to each window throughout the day and seasons, expertly adjusting slat angles accordingly.

Zehnder has embraced HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING solutions from TRILUX across various areas of the building. These luminaires, featuring Active technology, mimic the spectral composition of daylight, delivering a “natural” artificial light that users find especially pleasing. Simultaneously, this lighting supports various physiological processes, including the sleep-wake cycle. The luminaires blend into the architectural design and enhance overall room aesthetics.

In line with this philosophy, the large office areas feature award- winning luminaires such as the PARELIA LED, LUCEO SLIM, and LATERALO RING LED pendant luminaires, accompanied by thoughtful lighting design. Complementing these are the FINEA LED light channel solutions, serving as suspended and surface-mounted fixtures to accentuate the atmosphere and provide wall illumination in the offices and think tanks.

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