Sales of controls and BMS reach record levels

The product content of controls and building-management systems rose by 7.5% from 2002 to 2003 to reach £67.2 million — the highest since the Building Controls Group started producing market statistics in 1991. Total product sales rose by 2.3% to £82.5 million. However, sales revenues for primary installed, after installation costs, increased by just 0.1% — reflecting lower installation costs. Systems specialists were responsible for the £41 million-worth of product installed in primary systems — up by 7.6% to its highest ever level. Controls manufacturers installed £26.2 million-worth of product in primary systems — up by 7.4%. There was a decline in the overall market, include the total value of products, installed systems and services and maintenance. It fell by £20 million from 2002 to 2003 to £442.8 million — a fall of 7% when adjusted for the annual average Retail Prices Index. Service and maintenance suffered a noticeable decline with total control and BMS revenue falling by £11 million to £146.9 million. Manufacturers are responsible for 70.2% of this market and systems specialists covering 29.8%.
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