Sanyo equipment wraps up healthcare packaging project

The application of air-conditioning equipment from Sanyo’s ECOi range enabled a wide range of conditions to be satisfied in this new facility of TD Packaging.
J&J Design System Specialists teamed up with distributor DYSK air conditioning to provide a tailor-made air-conditioning solution for TD Packaging in Swindon, a large contract packer for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The solution used Sanyo’s ECOi range to meet fluctuating loads in different production areas. John Burgess of J&J explains, ‘We needed an air-conditioning solution which would allow us the flexibility to design a system capable of delivering different maximum capacities and conditions for a variety of production areas and conform to the ISO standards laid down by the governing body, the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.’ Two areas have a maximum load of 35 kW and no RH control. Two other areas have a maximum load of 20 kW and require a maximum relative humidity of 30%. There are 16 production areas in all, each of which needs to be controlled independently and requires different conditions. Another benefit of Sanyo ECOi products that that they all qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances. Most of the areas have to be maintained under positive pressure to prevent the ingress of contaminants. Three rooms had to be built in the complex to accommodate a total negative discharge system for the manufacture of dusty products. The breadth of the Sanyo range enabled a wide variety of equipment to be supplied, all with the same appearance. The empty 10 000 m2 warehouse was transformed to an operating production facility in less than five months. The production areas use 20 SPW-DR high static ducted units matched to 11 ECOi 2-pipe outdoor units providing a total of 368 kW of cooling. The corridor areas are served by four SPPW-UR484 units matched to four SPW-CR484 inverter splits.
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