Graphisoft declares major support programme for educational institutions

Graphisoft, a major supplier of 3D model-based software and technological services for the built environment, has pledged its support to educational institutions in Britain with the donation of over £250 million-worth of software, support and study curriculum programmes over the next five years. Many academics are said to be particularly delighted by this initiative because Graphisoft has been integrating its products with cross-platform Industry Foundation Classes laid down by the International Alliance for Interoperability since 1996. The company claims to be the only major supplier of 3D built-environment products which are fully compliant. Support for the initiative comes from Ben Wallbank of John Robertson Architects, which exclusively uses Graphisoft’s Archicad software. He says, ‘The entire industry is moving toward Building Information Modelling (BIM). There will be a continuing and growing demand, and Archicad is the premier tool to answer that need. There is no doubt that we would preferentially employ graduates who are trained in Archicad.’ Steve Pyecroft, managing director of project-management company Mace says, ‘Information drives efficiency in the construction business — so it is perhaps not surprising that Mace has harnessed Graphisoft technology to strengthen the link between good architectural design and best-practice construction.’ The package for students and tutors includes a free download of the full current version of Archicad and the self-teach interactive training guide. There is also a web site for students to upload their work for review by peers and commercial practices. Students will be supported in finding employment at the end of their courses by, on completion of an online competency test, obtaining a voucher to enable an employer to purchase an addition license for Archicad at a substantial discount. The voucher demonstrates that a student has knowledge and skills in understanding Building Information Modelling and the use of Archicad.
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