Stokvis boilers are hot on emissions

Stokvis Energy Systems has minimised emissions of NOx, CO and CO2 from its recently expanded Econoflame range of boilers by incorporating pre-mix burners, multiple-pass heat exchangers and the latest electronic controls. Combustion air is introduced by a variable-speed fan, controlled to meet the heating demand. Gas is modulated by a valve controlled by air pressure. All floor-standing models have bi-metallic burners tubes (stainless steel inside and aluminium outside). Water content is low for quick response, and an optional boiler-controlled pump is available. Floor-standing boilers can be dismantled and reassembled in situ. The five wall-hung boilers have outputs from 45 to 120 kW and modulate down to 14% of full output. These boilers have a noise output of less than 48 dB(A). Wall-hung boilers have flexible flue arrangements. The choice is from balanced flues, or corrosion-resistant single-wall flue pipe of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. Flue dilution/assistance systems can also be used. All the wall-hung boilers are fully condensing — as are many of the floor-standing models. Econoflame boilers qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances.
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