LindabSafe keeps ss Great Britain shipshape

LindabSafe ductwork and components deliver the dehumidified air that is preventing further corrosion of ss Great Britain below the glass roof representing the waterline. (Photo. ss Great Britain Trust, Mandy Reynolds)
The moisture-free environment that is vital to the preservation of one of Brunel’s iconic projects, the ss Great Britain, is delivered by ductwork based on LindabSafe presealed spiral ducting. Two runs of ductwork were installed by TC Engineering on either side of the 98 m-long ship. There is one run at keel level and one just below the glass roof at the waterline of the ship, giving the impression of the ship floating on water. The duct runs follow the curve of the hull. About 400 m of Lindab ducting was used. The underside of the vessel is essentially in a large airtight chamber with a sophisticated dehumidification system to prevent the hull corroding. In 1996, it was noted that corrosion of the hull was advances, and in 2005, it was clear that it was continuing to corrode. The solution was to create a moisture-free environment around the lower part of the ship. LindabSafe components have a factory-fitted double seal. Simply pushing them together on site creates a seal that is three times more airtight than DW/144 Class C, the highest UK standard for sheet-metal ductwork. There is no need for tape or messy sealing components.
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