Fläkt Woods takes a new approach to air distribution

Fläkt Woods UK has introduced a totally new ventilation system for supplying and distributing air in buildings. Known as Activent, it uses special ducts with a large number of small nozzles to evenly distribute air along the entire length of the duct. The system has been proved to function effectively in Scandinavia. Air entering the space from these small nozzles mixes with room air through induction and sets large masses of air slowly into motion, providing even temperature through the occupied zone. This effective mixing enables air to be supplied at a much lower temperature than the room air without causing draughts.
Combining the functions of ductwork and air distribution grilles — the Activent ventilation system from Fläkt Woods enables air to be supplied at much lower temperatures than the room air.
When under-tempered air is supplied, a cool mass of air forms around the nozzle duct and slowly settles, cooling the room air. A major cooling effect is achieved using less supply air than conventional systems. Both temperature and air flow can be varied by a wide margin. Activent has been used in all types of premises, ranging from schools to department stores and industrial facilities. Up to 300 W/m2 of cooling can be achieved in workplaces such as factories, where high air velocities can be accepted.
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