DX water-cooled close-control air-conditioning units

Now available in water-cooled DX versions, Airedale’s Easicool range of air-conditioning units.
Airedale’s Easicool range now includes a DX water-cooled version with the addition of a optional integral plate heat exchanger, creating a completely packaged, pre-charged DX water-cooled system within the unit. Easicool units are suitable for high-tech applications where accurate and reliable control of temperature is critical and space is at a premium. Typical applications include telecommunications and ISP facilities, computer rooms, clean rooms, switching stations and laboratories. The packaged DX system has a fixed suction-line length, eliminating any concerns over oil return on extended pipe run systems and making it ideal for cooling environments which are remote from the final heat-rejection location. The DX water-cooled system is fully packaged and factory precharged, so refrigerant volumes are minimised, aiding compliance with the forthcoming F-gas Regulation and keeping installation costs low. The plate heat exchanger, when fitted with a mechanical head pressure control valve for flow regulation, allows heat loads to be transferred to a glycol/water solution. This heat can then be dispersed via systems such as a cooling tower or remotely mounted air-cooled dry cooler. The Easicool range now comprises 39 air-cooled and 34 chilled-water models, with cooling capacities from 5 to 60 kW. Each model is offered in upflow and downflow configuration. Enquiry Number 135
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