Disbelief in energy-efficient systems hampers their take-up

Disbelief in the truth of energy efficiency — Paul Hamblyn.
Concerns that the savings promised by energy-efficient power and heating systems are too good to be true are leading to some business and public-sector organisations turning their backs on them — according to Paul Hamblyn, head of market-development company Ener-G. He says, ‘Some organisations view the energy-efficiency issue and the well-proven and successful technologies that go with it as a “black art”.’ He explains that his company sometimes finds itself in the position of being able to deliver savings of 25 to 30% — only to discover the client believes it is all too good to be true. ‘No matter how well and how often these technologies prove themselves, there remains a minority who see them as a black art.’ In contrast to this attitude, Paul Hamblyn says, ‘The same organisations become enthusiastic converts once they see the systems working and delivering the kind of savings and efficiency they previously thought was done with smoke and mirrors.’ He blames a collective failure to get the energy-efficiency message across to the organisations that need it most. ‘We have the technologies and expertise to make a huge difference to organisations in this country. The proof is out there for anyone to see, but we simply have to do more to get that message across.’
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