Oil-fired condensing boilers bring high efficiency to listed building

The only external evidence of two oil-fired boilers from Atlantic Boilers at Busby Hall in Yorkshire is these balanced flues.
Two oil-fired condensing boilers have been installed in a Grade 2 listed building in Yorkshire to provide space heating and domestic hot water. Supplied by Atlantic Boilers, they use outside air for combustion and achieve an annual efficiency of at least 92% and up to 99%. which is said to be 40% better than conventional modern boilers and up to 20% better than conventional condensing boilers. Flue-gas temperatures are always below 50°C, so low-cost plastic flues can be used. The two R Series boilers have an output range of 95.3 to 153 kW and were installed at Busby Hall near Stokesley by Heating Design Services of York. The boilers were chosen to fit within the restrictions of this important listed building and use balanced flues to avoid impinging on the building structure. The complete space-heating and DHW system was installed by Jaydee Heating of Morley and Dundee. The additional boiler costs will be offset by savings in fuel over a period of 18 months to two years. R Series boilers easily adapt to different fuels, so they can be used for dual-fuel firing and change of fuel in the future. A burner for rapeseed oil has recently been added to the range.
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