Boots works with Parasense to cut electricity consumption

In a campaign to reduce electricity consumption, Boots is working with utility-monitoring specialist Parasense to improve energy management in 500 shops. The purpose of the project is to create an energy profile for the stores, which account for 75% of the company’s energy consumption. Having identified where electricity use is excessive, best-practice measures can be implemented to realise significant savings. Parasense advised Boots to opt for the Headline News service, an Internet-based package that sorts data into reports. Energy meters in stores collect data every half hour and route it to Parasense for analysing against individual benchmarks. Factors affecting energy consumption such as store size, location, external temperature, humidity and trading hours are integrated into each store’s profile. Andrew Jones, group energy manager with Boots, explains, ‘Headline News will provide a major boost to our energy-saving efforts. Because the information is presented in easy-to-use reports, our store managers and energy champions will be able to pinpoint energy fluctuations. By targeting the larger users first, we will see measurable results in the short term. ‘This is a critical step toward meaningful energy reduction. We have to know the facts to be able to identify faulty equipment, adjust our daily procedures and put into practice measures which will reduce our impact on the environment. It will also enable us to effectively negotiate rates with suppliers.’
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