Airedale screw chillers are designed for high efficiency

Designed for energy-efficient cooling, Airedale’s OptiChill chillers can achieve seasonal EERs of over 3.5 based on Eurovent’s part-load index.
Airedale’s OptiChill range of large-capacity, high-efficiency air-cooled screw chillers are said to break new ground in energy efficiency.Components are selected for optimum operating efficiency, so these chillers can achieve an EER of 3.0 or more at Eurovent conditions and ESEER values above 3.5 (for seasonal performance based on Eurovent’s part-load index). A choice of 78 model permutations offer cooling capacities from 500 to 1100 kW across dual independent refrigeration circuits. OptiChill is optimised for R134a. 13 model sizes all offer standard and high efficiency and three low-noise variants in each range. Each of the two high-efficiency compressors modulate to accurately meet cooling load and are complemented by economisers, electronic expansion valves and highly efficient heat exchangers. The shell-and-tube evaporator offers extremely high evaporating temperatures for a given water-supply temperature. Condenser coils have larger surface areas to provide greater heat exchange. Sickle-bladed axial fans have a new blade design to increase performance at reduced input power and with less noise. Optional electronically commutated fans reduce condenser fan power input and boost efficiency at full and part load. An inverter-controlled pump offers variable flow, reducing the power requirement and matching the flow requirement. An optional chiller sequence manager recently launched by Airedale can integrate up to eight chillers into a single operating system.OptiChill meets all the criteria for inclusion on the Energy Technology List.
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