Cost saving go on and on with building-systems integration

Being involved at an early stage in the Ideapark indoor commercial city near Tampere in Finland enabled TAC to achieve considerable cost savings by fully integrating the building-management and security systems. On the technical side, this meant ensuring that the security and fire-alarm systems could be connected to the TAC Vista building-management system by OPC or LON. Using third-party LON equipment such as LON frequency controllers in air-handling units and LON pumps for heating and cooling, led to savings on electrical wiring, installation and labour costs. Teemu Hausen, managing director of TAC Finland, explains, ‘An integrated, centrally controlled building security and management system delivers savings from the construction stage onwards. ‘For example, since Ideapark’s different areas do not need their own electrical control boxes, savings are made on hardware and wiring. Once in operation, the equipment is managed by experts who can apply their specialist knowledge to ensure optimal energy use. Continual fine tuning keeps energy wastage down to a minimum.’ Ideapark’s facilities include 170 stores along 1.2 km of shopping streets and 15 restaurants and cafés with 1200 seats. This ambitious project was conceived by a trio of Finnish entrepreneurs. Phase 1 was ready in December 2006, and the construction of two additional wings begins later this year. Within a 30-minute drive are 500 000 homes housing nearly two-thirds of the Finnish population. TAC Finland first became involved with the project as a technical consultant assisting with the planning phase. In 2005, the company was asked to fulfil a 5-year technical facility management contract. One of the main reasons why Ideapark’s owners were interested in working with TAC was the company’s ability to use the LON-based building automation system to reduce energy spending by 25% compared to current costs.
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