Nu-heat development simplifies the installation of underfloor heating

This floating-floor option devised by Nu-Heat simplifies the installation of underfloor heating.
Nu-Heat has made it easier for installers to direct underfloor heating tube back to the main manifold with the introduction of a 25 mm polystyrene tray. This multi-directional floating floor panel has variable spacings of 125 and 250 mm to enable the correct amount of tube to be used. Turns can be made without the need for special routing equipment, cutters or tools. The entire heating-pipe array, diffuser plates and polystyrene panel can be installed with just a 25 mm height build-up from the subdeck — plus final deck and floor finish. Systems with larger manifolds will be supplied with a routed MDF ducting panel. At this point of heavy foot traffic, it is important to have a sturdy base for the floor deck.
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