Keraflo extends float-valve control to larger tanks

Keraflo’s KP float-valve kits can be used with large water-storage tanks served by pipes in five sizes from 50 to 200 mm in diameters to provide full flexibility in the level of stored water. This feature is said to be particularly important in buildings with seasonal occupancy — such as universities and colleges, football stadia etc. If such buildings are not occupied during the summer, stagnation of stored water and high ambient temperatures can allow legionella and other organisms to colonise the tank and multiply. Other advantages of float valves include the delivery of water at full flow and no water hammer, valve bounce or dribble. The valves are suitable for AA, AB, AF and AG air gaps. The KP kit comprises an Aylesbury KB float valve in the tank itself or in a valve chamber acting as a pilot valve to operate the KP control valve in the supply pipework. The KB valve is only 20 mm in diameter and has a float and buoy assembly to provide a fully variable differential between opening and closing water levels.
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