KNX — an international standard for intelligent buildings

KNX, formerly called EIB European Installation Bus) is an international standard that enables products from different manufacturers to be integrated and programmed into a single installation. This open standard for home and building control complies with EN 50090, EN 13321-1 and ISO/IEC 14543. KNX-compliant products are available of lighting, HVAC, intruder alarms, audio-visual systems, energy management and many other building services. The KNX technique enables over 60 devices such as sensors and actuators to be connected into a system using a single daisy-chained 2-core bus cable that carries both data and power. This daisy chain can be terminated at a gateway with Ethernet connectivity. Among major installations using KNX technology are the British Library and Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport. KNX technology is widely used throughout the world by over 10 000 KNX partners. In the UK, there are over a hundred trained partners. The KNX standard in the UK is promoted by the KNX (UK) Association, a partnership of UK manufacturers, integrators and training establishments. All KNX devices are thoroughly tested for compliance to ensure they operate seamless together on a single, simple network.
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