SeaChange controller can serve six underfloor heating zones

A new SeaChange underfloor heating controller can provide individual control of up to six zones.
A new SeaChange controller for underfloor heating can provide independent temperature control of heating zones in underfloor heating schemes. This controller, from SC Controls, operates with a SeaChange control system to deliver a demand-based environment. This level of integration ensures boiler plant and associated heating pumps operate only when there is a demand from the heating zones. Up to six heating circuits can be served, and more controllers can be added to cater for larger systems. Standard features include optimum start/stop, occupancy time profile, fabric protection and self-tuning control loops. The valve actuators on the manifold are controlled directly from output terminals on the controller to reduce installation time and the added cost of interface relays. Temperature feedback is provided by SeaChange room sensors or thimble sensors. The system can be monitored remotely via a remote link, or via the Internet using a SeaChange smart server. In the event of a system fault, e-mail alarms can be generated.
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