Evaporative cooling solves hospital over-heating

Originally designed with no cooling or ventilation, this outpatients area in an east-Midlands hospital is now kept comfortable by a combination of balanced ventilation and EcoCooling evaporative cooling units.
A low-energy approach to reducing temperatures in outpatient waiting areas in an east-Midlands hospital is provided by EcoCooling evaporative cooling used as part of a balanced-ventilation system. A typical EcoCooler rated at 30 kW can reduce electricity costs by over £2000 a year and carbon emissions by 10 t compared to an equivalent refrigeration-based system. This installation for Burton upon Trent Health Trust was for an area on the top floor built with no provision for cooling or ventilation. Two side-discharge EcoCoolers with sound attenuation were installed as part of the balanced-ventilation system. As with all water-based systems in hospitals, a stringent risk assess- ment of Legionnaires’ Disease was carried out. The combination of hygienic engineering, sophisticated process controls and comprehensive alarm function provided adequate assurance for this project. The air temperature off an EcoCooler system is said never to exceed 22°C, even with an outdoor temperature as high as 35°C, and complements the cooling provided by ventilation .
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