Companies partner to promote solar heating technology

MP Ian Pearson (second from left) is introduced to a joint initiative by AmbiRad and CA Building Products to exploit solar energy to halve the energy needed to heat industrial and commercial buildings. He is pictured with (from left) Mike Brookes (managing director of AmbiRad), Brian Watson (commercial director of CA Group) and Frank Staniland (sales director of AmbiRad),
Industrial-heating manufacturer AmbiRad Group and CA Building Products, which makes metal envelope systems for buildings, have joined forces to promote an energy-saving heating system for commercial and industrial buildings. Directors of both companies presented the concept to Ian Pearson, Minister of State (Climate Change & the Environment) at AmbiRad’s headquarters. Having seen the system in action, Mr Pearson said, ‘This is an environmental solution for large buildings that can have a dramatic impact on their carbon footprint. This is exactly what the Government is looking for, and I am delighted that the two companies have taken the initiative in marketing it.’ This system is said to be proven to approximately halve energy consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions compared with even the most efficient heaters. This is achieved by teaming up CA’s transpired solar collect SolarWall with AmbiRad heating and ventilation equipment. SolarWall is a metal cladding on the southern elevation of a building which absorbs solar radiation to produce warm air that is circulated around the building. On sunny days, no matter how low the outside temperature, a transpired solar collector can meet all the building’s heating needs. When the solar collector cannot deliver enough heat, for example on a cloudy day or at night, an AmbiRad heating system makes up the shortfall. In one application, the SolarWall system saved about 150 t of carbon dioxide in a year. Return on investment is two to three years for a new building and six to eight years when retrofitted to existing buildings. AmbiRad has designed several integrated heating options to work with SolarWall, all of which are on the Carbon Technology List and qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances. Frank Staniland, sales director of AmbiRad, explains, ‘Systems can be matched to different heating applications from the AmbiRad, Reznor and Nordair Niche portfolios — for example, full heating, tempered make-up air or frost protection, in each case optimising the use of solar-heated air produced by the SolarWall. In all cases, the potential savings are truly extraordinary.
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