Simmtronic controls lighting in City refurbishment

The DALI protocol is the basis for the lighting-control system supplied by Simmtronic for the refurbishment of 10 floors in this building in the City of London.
Luminaires on 10 refurbished floors of the 36 000 m2 One Exchange Square building in the City of London are controlled under DALI protocol by Simmtronic systems using Tridonic ballasts. This 12-storey building has recently been acquired by KanAm Grund, one of Germany’s leading fund managers for open-ended real-estate funds and asset manager of international real-estate investment. For convenience and ease of maintenance, the customer wanted to avoid all sub-addressing, so Simmtronic’s 9-output lighting-control modules have been installed and configured to one luminaire per port. The DALI controls can provide feedback on ballast and lamp failures to alert maintenance staff to replacements requirements. The Simmtronic lighting-control scheme also monitors emergency lighting via current sensors in the emergency luminaires. Lighting control in large open-plan areas is mainly presence based. Simmtronic has provided a gateway to telephone switching to give occupants personal control of lighting above their own workstation — including on/off and dimming.
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