Space Air supplies heat recovery air conditioning to upgrade 1980s office building

The chilled-water air-conditioning in this 1980s office building at Ruislip has been replaced with a Daikin VRVII heat-recovery system supplied by Space Airconditioning.
As part of the comprehensive of the 2700 m2 Apollo office building in Ruislip, Space Airconditioning supplied equipment for a Daikin VRVII heat-recovery heat-pump air-conditioning system to replace a chilled-water fan-coil system. Consultant WPPM was commissioned to advise on the most suitable air-conditioning system to maximise efficiency for both heating and cooling and minimise disruption during its installation into this 1980s office building. The installation includes eight heat-recovery heat-pump condensing units serving 110 concealed ceiling ducted fan-coil units, complete with Space Air accessories. Steve Britton of WPPM, comments, ‘We designed the projects around Daikin’s VRVII heat-recovery system due to its application flexibility and energy-efficient inverter technology. FXSQ ducted fan-coil units were utilised as they represented the ideal solution for both the open-plan and smaller office areas. ‘The whole system is controlled and monitored by Daikin’s Intelligent Manager, which, in conjunction with Watt Meters, monitors the day-to-day operation, running costs for the occupants and can provide remote system observation if required. The site is close to RAF Northolt, so careful consideration was paid to the electrical harmonics of the outdoor units to ensure that they would not interfere with aircraft landing and taking off. The job was completed in eight weeks, with just six hours being available to crane lift the redundant chiller from the roof because of the proximity of the building to the airfield. The equipment was installed by Adcock Refrigeration.
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