OFTEC takes steps to establish a standard for biofuel

OFTEC has brought together leading manufacturers and several industry bodies to research and define a clear British standard for liquid biofuel for the heating sector. There is no such standard at present, so the industry is becoming fragmented and specifications are highly variable, which can cause compatibility problems, There is also no warranty on equipment not tested against a definitive standard. Liquid biofuels used for heating contribute significantly less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than oil, Ian Waller, chairman of the group, comments, ‘The workgroup has agreed a draft specification for a fatty acid methyl ester (bio-diesel) and BS 2869 class C heating fuel (kerosene). This bio-kero blend is likely to require additives in order that the fuel meets the cold-weather performance required by BS EN 590. It is vital to ensure that biofuel has similar characteristics to kerosene so that users can switch to it with minimal changes to their existing system.’

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