Power Electrics supplies clean standby power for hospital in Wales

An important feature of the new diesel generator supplied by Power Electrical to Bronglais General Hospital in Aberystwyth is the emissions-reduction system pictured being lowered onto the sound-reduction container housing the generator.
Among the features of the 1500 kVA standby diesel generator supplied by Power Electrics to back up the critical installation at Bronglais General Hospital, which is in Aberystwyth, is an emissions reduction system. The generator is housed in a sound-reduction container to reduce noise levels to 75 dB(A) at one metre. Its 68 000 litre double-skinned underground fuel tank is connected to the day tanks and generators set by double-skin fuel pipes. The emissions reduction system was provided to meet the health trust’s environmental policy. It weighs 4 t and is mounted on the roof of the container. It uses the latest catalysation and soot entrapment technology and utilises a highly active base-metal washcoat system with a specially formulated precious-metal coating. In series with the catalytic converter is a soot filter section which, by lower the light-off temperatures at which the soot particles combustion, significantly reduces total soot emissions.
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