New boilers reduce costs on multi-storey estate

New boilers for old - new Buderus boilers are coaxed into position to replace outdated plant serving 388 home on the Arndale Estate in Wandsworth.
Cost savings of at least 20% are expected following the replacement of outdated boiler plant at the Arndale Estate in Wandsworth to provide heating and hot water for 388 homes in five blocks — and public areas. Other cost-saving measures include improved insulation, new pumps to improve circulation efficiency and an upgraded energy-management system for operating efficiency. Built in the mid-1960s, the estate has been modernised and restyled to bring it up to date, both internally and externally. Two Buderus steel boilers, each with an output of 2.5 MW, meet the heating requirement. A 1.3 MW boiler provides domestic hot water. These boilers have combustion chambers designed specifically to suit the flame geometry and delivered heat output for the individual installation. The heat exchangers have large surface areas, which, together with three passes of the flue gases, achieve nett efficiencies of up to 94%. These boilers serve apartments in 23-storey blocks, so their 10-bar working pressure was an important factor in their selection. They were also half the size of the boilers they replaced, which helped make it easier to crane them into position in the existing ground-floor boilerhouse. The existing boiler-management system was overhauled to maximise system efficiency and energy savings, with burners upgraded to full modulation to ensure heat output could be continually adjusted to match demand. It is centrally controlled form the council heating department, again to ensure efficient use.
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