Village hall in Cornwall uses renewable energy to minimise energy costs

A ground-source heat pump from Eco Heat Pumps and Solar photo-voltaic panels minimise energy costs for this village hall in Cornwall.
Helping to minimise energy costs for the environmental control system serving the Community Village Hall at Pendeen in Cornwall is a ground-source heat pump to provide heating and hot water for this award-winning project, which serves wide-ranging local needs from crèche to snooker club. The project has won the community category in the South West Green Energy Awards. Pendeen is seven miles from Penzance and is famous for the Geevor tin mine, which was worked for over 3000 years by a succession of owners, including the Romans. The Pendeen Village Hall Community Trust was formed in 2002, and the new building is the result of much hard work and funding form a variety of sources, including the DTI Energy Saving Trust, EDF Energy and Clear Skies. Energy-efficient technology was a major priority in the design, and the building has solar photo-voltaic panels on the roof and grey-water recycling - in addition to the heat pump. A water-glycol mixture is pumped through pipework in two boreholes sunk 80 m into the granite beneath the building. At this depth, temperatures average 11°C. Because the boreholes are below the village hall itself, the flow and return pipework is connected via a manifold in a manhole in the building to avoid pipe joints below ground.
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