Evaporative cooling stops the temperature rising in bakery

Economic to install and operate — Breezair evaporative cooling can reduce temperatures in this bakery by up to 10 K.
Comfort cooling with low capital costs and long-term low running costs have been achieved in the main bakery area of Buxton Spa Bakery using a Breezair evaporative cooling system from Seeley International. The system was installed to tackle excessively high summer temperatures of 34 to 37°C and has succeeded in reducing these temperatures by up to 10 K for the 120 employees. The system was specified by CoSaf Environments. Buxton Spa Bakery is a family business, established in 1993. It is synonymous with the Holmfield brand, which originates from Holmfield Bakery, a family baker with over 75 years’ of baking experience spanning four generations of the Higgins family. The bakery produces over a million cakes a week. Before the installation of the Breezair system, the bakery used general ventilation equipment and open doors to reduce overall temperatures. However, this approach was not effective and resulted in a very stuffy environment with little or no air movement. CoSaf Environments’ survey showed that the construction of the building prevented process heat escaping. Ovens and bakery products also heated the indoor air, so that temperatures in the building exceeded an ambient temperature of 21°C by 10 to 16 K. Rejecting air conditioning as inappropriate, CoSaf suggested two Breezair evaporative cooling with 4-way diffusers to direct fresh, cooled air into the main bakery area. CoSaf also recommended the installation of an extraction system to remove warm air emanating from the ovens and associated plant. Mike Higgins, managing director of Buxton Spa Bakery, says, ‘The Breezair system has reduced working temperature and minimised the ingress of dust and other airborne contaminants into the area from outside. Interestingly, the lower ambient temperatures have also been responsible for a considerable improvement in the overall quality and freshness of the finished product.’
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