Keraflo float valves attract military attention

Effective control of water levels in cold-water and rainwater tanks in upgraded military accommodation is to be provided by Keraflo float valves.
Keraflo Aylesbury K type float valves are being installed to control water levels in tanks throughout the PFI Allenby/Connaught project. Over the course of this 10-year build and refurbishment programme, some 600 valves are to be supplied. The valves and GRP water-storage tanks made by POW Processes of Water are being supplied by BSS. The tanks are WRAS approved and include one-piece and sectional pre-insulated cisterns. The tanks are used for cold water, with standard air gaps, and for rainwater harvesting make-up systems. The rainwater tanks, have two valves, one for rainwater and one for mains water with type AB air gap. Project Allenby/Connaught will provide modern living and working accommodation for 18 500 military personnel in garrisons across Salisbury Plain and Aldershot.
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