Maritme & Coastguard Agency wins best multi-site campaign

With some 512 site on its estate, the key to the 100 Days campaign for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency was communication.
Involving staff at over a hundred site was the key challenge to be addressed by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. Faced with the challenge of reducing carbon emissions at some 512 sites, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency quickly realised that the key to success was communication. The agency employs around 1800 people, and there are 3500 volunteers in its Coastguard rescue service. The first part of the plan was to establish champions in each region to act as campaign co-ordinators. The idea was that staff would see the campaign as relating to the entire agency rather than as an initiative based at headquarters. Campaign material was also shown on each PC when it was in standby mode during the period for the campaign as a quick and effective method of communicating the message and raising awareness. An assessment at HQ has identified further methods of saving carbon. Having received the report, the agency’s property consultants have been commissioned to investigate and, where viable, implement the recommendations. TEAM Energy monitors energy for the agency, and produced a special 100 Day report to illustrate the effect of the campaign throughout the agency. The campaign raised awareness amongst all staff, and suggestions and feedback have been very positive. Much good practice has been identified across the estate, which can be shared by all. The campaign has led to the successful installation of time switches to shut down appliances at a set time each day. The agency is also looking at smart metering for as many sites as possible to monitor consumption more closely. The agency now has a policy of double-sided printing across its estate, and the default setting of printers is set accordingly. A recycling scheme has been implemented at HQ, and the agency is looking to other similar schemes. The campaign has highlighted what needs to be invested to reduce energy consumption and demonstrated how small changes can add up to huge savings. One immediate result of the campaign is to achieve a 15% annual saving on electricity so far.

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Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Smart Check launched to boost competence and fight fraud

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has developed a ‘Smart Check’ app to help construction site operators verify the identities and qualifications of more than two million skills card holders. 

MBS attends the BESA launch of ‘safe havens’ blueprint for air quality

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has completed its trilogy of free guides designed to help building owners and managers turn their buildings into ‘safe havens’ that protect occupants from health risks linked to airborne contaminants and viruses.