Champion of carbon-saving champions

The team of carbon champions at Marstons was led by the 100 Days champion of carbon-saving champions Bob Jauncey (front left).
In an organisation with over 3000 properties, one man cannot make much of an impact, so Bob Jauncey built up an effective team at Marstons. One of the concepts of the 100 Days campaign was for carbon champions to run the initiative in the workplace and ensure that all 100 Days communications were passed to every member of staff. The most successful champion, and hence champion of carbon-saving champions, was Bob Jauncey, energy and environmental manager with national brewing giant Marstons. The company has a portfolio of over 3000 properties and an energy bill in excess of £20 million, and his efforts so far set the scene for long-term success. He led from the front, practised what he preached and was not afraid of putting his head above the parapet. The submission by Richard Hipkiss of Information Prophets Energy Services describes Bob Jauncey as having a clear understanding that he cannot do it all and understanding the importance of engaging people. ‘An energy manger has many ways to manage energy usage. A carbon champion leads people,’ says Richard Hipkiss. Bob Jauncey created an energy-management team by requesting participants and nominations from each department at Marston House, so that from the very first meeting the team was full of enthusiasm and energy. The first meeting was a listening exercise, so that members of the team could bond and learn from one another. His light but to-the-point approach was full of actions such ad not being a killer of ideas and encouraging ideas to be built on instead of criticised. He championed the concept that lots of people carrying out small actions equals BIG CHANGE. One result has been a reduction in small-power usage of 10 000 kWh on the same period last year. Through the energy-management team, Bob Jauncey implemented the exchange of information through notice boards, the intranet, developing an online TM31 log book and a ‘default-is-off’ mentality. He encouraged champions to walk round their departments and name and shame individuals by pinning balloons representing carbon wastage to equipment left on. To maximise what could be achieved in 100 days, he ensured there were no roadblocks or barriers to success with a no-delays policy that had the full support of the senior management team. On the technology front, meters have been installed and a monitoring and targeting system is being trialled. PIRs have been installed in toilets and corridors.

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