Medway Maritime Hospital shows the way to best carbon performance

A host of simple measures has built on previous efforts at Medway Maritime Hospital to achieve the best carbon performance for 2007.
A host of measures for reducing energy consumption have been implemented by Medway Maritime Hospital Medway Maritime Hospital was taking part in the 100 Days campaign for the second year, and this time scooped the award for the best carbon performance. Philip Belton is responsible for energy and environmental management of the site, which is primarily an acute unit with 700 beds. A well established focus group has identified a large number of measures to reduce carbon emissions. They range from simple no-cost behavioural changes to projects requiring major capital investment, such as CHP. The site has good provision for metering and measuring the effects of changes. Medway NHS Trust has a target to reduce carbon emissions by 15% by 2010 and will endeavour to progress engineering technology and applications to reach this target and continue carbon reduction. The list of measures taken could be taken up on many other sites. They include reducing plant operating times and using the building-management system to review and make alterations to heating. The air-handling unit serving the lecture theatre is now controlled by occupancy sensors. Out-of-hours energy audits have been made in all areas, with naming and shaming. Timers have been installed on secondary heating pumps serving administration areas. Reflective foils have been put behind radiators to reduce heat loss, and energy/water-saving taps installed. Insulated covers have been installed on piping and pumps in the plant rooms.

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