Controllable air conditioning designed to reduced energy consumption

Mitsubishi Electric’s TG2000 building-manager control system provides extensive control of a groundbreaking VRF air-conditioning system in a state-of-the-art office development in Solihull.
Mitsubishi Electric’s TG2000 control system is making possible sophisticated control of a major VRF air-conditioning system at Birmingham Business Park in Solihull. This 2-storey office development has a floor area of 1200 m2. Each floor has 32 fan-coil air-handling units, with eight City Multi R2 outdoor heat-recovery condensing units. A series of BC controllers regulates the transfer of heating and cooling around the system using a 2-pipe system. The office areas are divided into eight separate zones, each served by a City Multi R2 unit. Each floor is controlled by a G50 control panel linked to the TG2000 computer system. This site-based computer provides graphical control of all equipment, and it is also possible to link to the computer via the Internet for off-site management. The system monitors energy consumption to provide accurate billing for tenants and can save money by limiting the total site power consumption. This programming can be carried out on all fan-coil units or on selected non-critical areas and allows an energy-saving mode to be utilised for limited periods to reduce energy consumption but with occupants hardly being aware of any change. The 64 ducted fan-coil units are linked to Lossnay heat-recovery ventilators to provide fresh air to all areas and reduce energy consumption through temperature and humidity recovery. Two independent heat-pump units serve the reception areas to allow for 24 h operation without having to call on the main units. These heat-pumps are also served by the control system. Consulting engineers Jonathan Hart Associates specified this VRF system, which was installed by AC2000. Mick Stevenson, senior engineer with AC2000, comments, ‘Each of the eight systems we installed required about 200 m of pipework. Consequently, pressure testing was extremely important to prevent any blockages occurring as this could affect the workings of up to eight units at the same time. As AC2000 carries out good refrigeration practice as standard, the pressure testing formed part of our normal working procedure.’ AC2000 is also responsible for subsequent maintenance and service.
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