Monodraught Windcatchers deliver natural ventilation for London office building

55 Monodraught Windcatchers on the roof of this building on Kennington Park Business Centre provide natural ventilation, with cooling, for offices on the third floor.
When Workspace Group, a leading provider of flexible business space for small and medium-size enterprises insisted on natural ventilation for new offices on the third floor of Canterbury Court on the Kennington Park Business Centre, consultants Brian Warwicker Partnership proposed Monodraught Windcatchers. The newly built third floor was constructed in accordance with Parts L2A and Part F of the Building Regulations, and Workplace Group also insisted that these new offices had to be naturally ventilated to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. Kevin Horsfall of Brian Warwicker Partnership explains that the depth of this office space exceeded the 6.5m specified by CIBSE for single-sided naturally ventilated accommodation. Monodraught Windcatchers were therefore mounted on the roof to provide constant ventilation in each office space. The 55 units installed have automatic dampers that open and close to maintain comfortable internal temperatures. These dampers have individual controls to prevent over-cooling in the winter and to provide occupants with manual over-ride. They are designed to handle an average heat gain of 35 W/m2 with a wind speed of 1.5 m/s — and higher at a more normal wind speed of 3 m/s. The cooling effect of the Windcatchers can be augmented by opening window lights or external doors. Kevin Horsfall says, ‘Using natural ventilation with radiators for the winter, with a central plant and a limited amount of heat recovery, this “green” building complies with all current regulations without the need for mechanical cooling.’
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