Air-conditioning’s sound of silence in recording studio

The very quiet operation of Unico’s heat-pump mini-duct heating and cooling system has led to its installation in the Confetti School of Recording Technology in Nottingham, which has recently moved to new premises. Confetti has 20 recording studios providing a range of environments for programming, editing, sound mixing and recording. The new premises has an open-plan loft-style space of 14 x 10 m with vaulted ceilings and a spectacular mezzanine floor. Dave Jackson of Jackson Refrigeration proposed the installation of the Unico system for this unusually shaped office, which is not suited to conventional methods of heating and cooling. With conventional radiators, cold spots would have been unavoidable, while with cassette air conditioning, placing units on walls and ceilings would have been impossible without creating draughts. The Unico system avoids draughts, delivers uniform air distribution and minimal temperature variations (±1 K) throughout the whole area. Outlets for both heating and cooling are only about 12 cm diameter. Dave Jackson says, ‘No other heating or cooling system would have provided the specification that Confetti wanted. The Unico system has met all their needs in terms of aesthetics, quiet operation and no draughts.’
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