Rycroft combines plate heat exchanger with variable-speed pump

Heat exchanger
The Grundfos Magna variable-speed pump on Rycroft’s Vari-E-breeze plate heat exchanger improves response to demand for hot water and boosts efficiency.
The combination of variable-speed pumping with plate heat exchanger in the Vari-E-breeze range by Rycroft gives closer control of hot-water output and greater speed of response — enhancing energy efficiency and achieving lower running costs. This approach eliminates the use of 3- or 4-port diverter valves to control water flow through the heat exchanger. Vari-E-breeze senses the draw-off requirements, and the Grundfos Magna pump matches its speed to the requirement to keep supply and demand in perfect balance. When there is no demand, the pump goes to sleep, and can remain so for small demand cycles such as when just a single tap is operated for a short period. The Vari-E-breeze range is available with outputs form 0.25 to 4 l/s. Standard features include automatic night setback, anti-legionella pasteurisation cycle, retransmission of water temperature, remote set-point adjustment and BMS compatibility.
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