R22 phase-out provides an opportunity for consultants

LG Air Conditioning
The phase-out of refrigerant R22 offers consultants the opportunity to promote the installation of modern energy-efficient systems such as LG’s Multi V Sync.

Air-conditioning company LG has identified the phase-out of air-conditioning refrigerant R22 as a major opportunity for consultants to grow their business in the present economic climate.

European regulations will see the use of virgin R22 refrigerant banned from 31 December 2009. Although recycled R22 will be permitted until the end of 2014, industry experts predict that stocks of recycled R22 will be depleted well before then — resulting in the cost of available refrigerant rocketing.

Ken Lawlor of LG distributor Sensible AC says, ‘The advantage to consultant engineers is twofold. One is that they can generate reports for clients on the costs of running older and inefficient systems such as those running on R22. The other is the opportunity this gives for a sales pitch for installing newer, more efficient equipment running at half the electrical load.’

Equipment using non-HCFC refrigerants such as R410A and R407C can use less than half the energy of an R22 system.

Installations 15 years old can be replaced with kit that is more energy efficient and sophisticated at a cost that has stayed flat or fallen. In addition, such installations qualify for Government grants and tax allowances.

Many SMEs and other businesses that have been trading for at least 12 months could borrow £5000 to £200 000 unsecured, interest-free and repayable over up to four years. There are no arrangement fees, and applying is straightforward.

Enhanced Capital Allowances for energy-saving technologies provide 100% tax relief in the first year on qualifying capital expenditure.

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