High-tech business enjoys high-tech air conditioning

Heat-recovery air conditioning and ventilation is provided in Crawley Court near Winchester by Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 heating and cooling systems

The largest project carried out by Aspen Air Conditioning in its 25-year history is the installation of 26 Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 heating and cooling systems into a 1970s glass and concrete building near Winchester. Aspen was commissioned to install heat-recovery air conditioning and ventilation into the 3-story headquarters of Arqiva, which provides much of the infrastructure behind television, radio and wireless communications in the UK and beyond.

The installation at Crawley Court comprises 266 fan-coil units and 99 Lossnay ventilation systems. Particular challenges of the project were high-density occupation and limited installation space.

The building previously had a variety of separate air-conditioning systems of different ages and types, no ventilation and no central control.

Bruce Cecil of Aspen explains, ‘The building construction gave us a clear ceiling run which helped, but the ceiling voids were very tight. Work had to be done at night so that staff could carry on working during the day without interruption.’

Broadcast areas operate 24 h a day, requiring particular attention to programming work, minimising noise levels and working in live equipment rooms.

Stephen Gates of building-services consultant Stuart McCurry & Partners, who designed the project, comments, ‘Aspen carried out a very professional installation in what could have been a very tricky job. Mitsubishi Electric equipment was selected because it provided the best combination of energy efficiency, flexibility and control.’

The R2 system can provide simultaneous heating and cooling with only two refrigerant pipes. Up to 50 indoor units can be connected to an individual R2 system.

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