Critical-IT air conditioning overcomes installation challenges

NUS Consulting
The solution to cooling protection for critical IT application in the new office of NUS Consulting is provided by Emerson Network Power air-conditioning systems.
The use of Emerson Network Power air-conditioning systems protects IT equipment in the new office of NUS Consulting at Redhill. This UK office of a global cost-recovery consultancy specialises in solutions to reduce energy and telecommunications expenses for utility-intensive business customers. It manages an international data bank for cost comparison and analysis of service providers’ contracts and tariffs referenced to clients’ individual site expenditure. NUS clients can securely access their data in real time via the Web using the NUS direct program. The main computer room houses server equipment and telephony switchgear, with web hosting and administrative functions for overseas offices. Liebert Hiross Himod high-performance air-conditioning systems serve the IT and communications suite. They are used with the modular suspended floor to distribute the air. These units provide 19 kW of sensible cooling and are just 750 mm square, so they could be transported in the passenger lift. Access from the front face for service and maintenance overcame the problem of these units having to be installed in an alcove in the main computer room, with no access from sides or rear. The latest design of compliant Copeland scroll compressors is used to achieve a high COP and reliable and efficient operation. The components are laid out out achieve a linear airflow in the case to optimise the entire surface of the evaporator coil for heat exchange. Variable-speed backward curved ‘plug-in’ fans reduce energy consumption and sound emissions. Hiromatic Evolution graphic displays optimises control and provides a real-time display.
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