LED lighting in factory saves costs and reduces carbon emissions

Dialight, LED lighting
High-bay LED lighting in this factory has lower energy consumption and carbon emissions than other types of lighting.

Energy-efficient lighting for a new production facility of Frontline International in the USA is provided by Dialight high-bay LED lighting fixtures. Just 59 DuroSite Series fittings have been installed at mounting heights of 7 and 7.6 m to illuminate the 1040 m2 facility. Even though the new facility is three times the size of another using fluorescent and incandescent lighting, considerably fewer fittings were needed. In addition, energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced.

DuroSite LED high-bay fittings emit 11 600 lm with an efficacy of 77 lm/W and a CRI of 70. They sustain about 80% lumen capacity over 60 000 operating hours and last for an average of 10 years.

Annual energy savings of 123 MWh are expected compared with using T5 high-output fluorescent lighting, or 170 MWh compared with metal-halide or high-pressure sodium lighting.

Lifetime relamp and maintenance savings, based on calculations provided by the US Department of Energy, are over £13 000 compared with high-output T5 fluorescent lamps, assuming an average life for the LED fittings of 60 000 hours and 30 000 h for the T5 lamps. With metal-halide and high-pressure sodium lamps having a life of 20 000 and 24 000 h, respectively, the savings would increase to over £19 500.

John Palazzo, president of Frontline, comments, ‘The Dialight high-bay overhead fixtures are a huge improvement [on fluorescent and incandescent lighting], providing light bright enough for assembly wok at waist level and even at floor level. The ultra-bright illumination not only expedites assembly, it also makes the work environment much safer for our workers.’

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