Ridi secures Lidl lighting contract for UK stores

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Energy-efficient lighting, without the trimmings, for Lidl UK stores is being provided using Ridi’s Linia trunking system.

The first of 50 Lidl stores in the UK to be fitted out with Ridi’s prewired lighting trunking system is at Braintree. The UK stores are part of a European-wide contract that has already seen Ridi upgrade lighting in most of Lidl’s 1500 stores in France, as well and in Switzerland, Germany and Poland.

The key to Ridi being specified is the matching of whole-life efficiency savings and simple, effective lighting with Lidl’s basic value-retailer image.

Mike Attard, managing director of Ridi in the UK, ‘Whilst Lidl has moved towards more energy-efficient fittings with these refurbishments, there was no question of creating an elaborate network of attractive architectural luminaires and controls. We were tasked with developing a product that delivered optimum retail lighting combined with minimal installation and maintenance requirements and one that portrayed a purely functional but clean image.’

The requirements were met using the Linia trunking system that has a connection system, developed with Wago, to provide a fast-fit continuous lighting system that can easily reconfigured.

The Linia system makes possible plug-in mechanical connection without the need for tools. Earthing is achieved automatically.

Suspended T8 battens at Braintree have been replaced with ceiling-mounted T5. A bespoke mini reflector maximises the light spread of the 54 W fittings.

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