2014 July

Unintended consequences

16 July, 2014

It seems that every time the Government tries to solve the UK’s energy challenge, the law of unintended consequences kicks in.

Unintended Consequences

16 July, 2014

It seems that every time the Government tries to solve the UK’s energy challenge, the law of unintended consequences kicks in.

DHW, water services, Roca

Bathroom furniture supplied by Roca for the luxury Sesame Apartments in Battersea include basins, baths, water-saving taps and showers. This development by Thornsnett comprises 80 apartments with views over the River Thames.

DHW, water services, booster, Grundfos

Packaged booster sets

02 July, 2014

Grundfos’s range of single-phase pre-packaged CMB/CMBE booster sets are based around the CM stainless-steel booster pumps. They are suitable for use in many applications that require clean water to be delivered from a cold-water storage tank — such as boosting to pressurised hot- and cold-water systems and above-ground storage tanks.

DHW, water services, shower tray, MX Group

The Expressions range of shower trays from MX Group has been designed to provide the maximum showering area and has a discreet, hidden waste system (pictured) that drains via a standard shower waste. These shower trays have an acrylic ABS finish and weigh 40% less than a high-wall stone-resin shower tray.

Wavin has added six new soil bends to its range of Osma soil and vent systems. There are three 110 mm spigot bends and three swept bends. They have solvent-free joints and are easy to install in restricted spaces.

DHA, water services, Lowara, booster set

The Lowara range of booster sets from Xylem Water Solutions UK now has WRAS approval. These packaged sets are suitable for all building-services applications — including domestic dwellings and office buildings and shopping centres.

DHW, water services, Rinnai

Rinnai’s latest Infinity 1600i condensing low-Nox water heater has been tested to below 20 ppm (Nox). In commercial test areas incorporating flow and return systems, the units have recorded Nox levels as low as 7 ppm. These water heaters have a downward-firing pre-mix burner and continuous optimisation of gas input using intelligent integral controls. Maximum output is 54 kW, with modulation down to 4 kW.Up to 37 l/min of temperature-controlled hot water can be delivered.

Part M WC packs

02 July, 2014

Bristan has launched a comprehensive WC pack to meet the requirements of Part M (access and use). It is easy to maintain and comes complete with TMV 3 basin mixer tap that is suitable for commercial washrooms designed for people with disabilities.

DHW, water services, metering, Micronics

Micronics, a leading UK manufacturer of clamp-on metering products for building services, has increased its product offering to provide complete metering solutions for building services. A comprehensive range of traditional inline meters (pictured) complements the established clamp-on range.

DHW, water services, solar thermal, Lochinvar

A key part of the environmental strategy for the new headquarters building of children’s charity Barnardo’s is domestic hot water provided by a combination of evacuated-tube solar collectors and Lochinvar EcoShield gas-fired condensing water heaters. A particular design requirement was that any rooftop solar array should not be visible from street level.

DHW, water services,rain water, rainwater, harvesting, Polypipe Terrain

When the rain falls

02 July, 2014

With water supplies in the UK under more sustained pressure, it’s now more important than ever to conserve and manage water in and around today’s buildings. Rainwater harvesting continues to be one of the most popular approaches to this issue. Polypipe Terrain’s Ian Crickmore gives an insight into its benefits.

DHW, water services, indirect water heater, Lochinvar

Lochinvar’s Squire range of indirect water heaters can be used with traditional boilers as pre-heat vessels for renewable technologies such as solar thermal or air-source heat pumps. There are 20 models with storage capacities from 290 to 2850 l. Eight units are also available with twin coils.

DHW, water services, HRS Hevac

Hot-water services for the purpose-built athletes village for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow are provided by two bespoke skid-mounted packages supplied by HRS Hevac via contractor Vital Energi. The skids were designed and drawn (3D) in house by HRS Hevac.

DHW, water services, trace heating, Raychem

Raychem HWAT self-regulating electric trace-heating cable is said to meet all the recommendations in the new ‘CIBSE Guide G: Public health and plumbing engineering’. The guide recommends that secondary circulation or trace heating should be provided when the hot-water installation is such that its would take an unreasonable length to draw off the cool water from the pipework.

DHW, water services, cylinder, electric water heating, Dimplex

Dimplex’s Quantum electrically heated hot-water cylinder delivers hot water at mains pressure and has sophisticated yet simple controls to help householders plan their water usage. A display shows how much hot water is available and consumption history.

DHW, water services, taps, showers, water conservation, Bristan

With growing demand putting pressure on UK water resources comes the need for businesses to manage their water usage effectively. The good news is that investing in effective water management can help businesses achieve substantial savings. Chris Tranter of Bristan tells you what you need to know.

Residents were able to stay in their homes while cast-iron soil and waste pipes were replaced in three separate high-rise residential towers in Birmingham. Polypipe Terrain worked with M&E contractor IDS and Birmingham City Council to devise a solutions based on plastics pipes.

DHW, water services, Guide G, CIBSE

Some like it hot!

02 July, 2014

Fresh from helping to update CIBSE’s Guide G on public health and plumbing engineering, Paul Angus shares some thoughts on the risks of skimping on design and installation.

maintenance, refurbishment, water treatment, magnetic filter, BSS

A simple and reliable way to maintain water cleanliness in new and retrofit systems is provided by the Vexo X-Pot from BSS Industrial. This device brings together the functionality of magnetic filters, dosing pots, mesh type strainers, and combined air and dirt separation. It is compliant with the latest BSRIA BG50 guidelines and is easy to install, maintain and commission.

maintenance, refurbishment, boiler, space heating, biomass, renewable energy, Remeha

As part of a project to replace existing oil boilers at RAF Brize Norton, Remeha has supplied six Gilles biomass boilers with a total output of 775 kW and using 290 t of wood pellets a year. They replace oil-fired boilers using about 145 000 l of oil a year and are reducing carbon emissions by around 309 t a year.

maintenance, refurbishment, boiler, space heating, MHG

A ProCon HT gas-fired boiler from MHG Heating was specified by consulting engineers Martin Thomas Associated to replace two increasingly unreliable cast-iron boilers serving greenhouses at Osborne on the Isle of Wight. The 150 kW boiler was installed by Clarke’s Mechanical.

maintenance, refurbishment, Norland Managed Services

Trusted advisers

02 July, 2014

Developing technology and the improving economic situation are drivers for an facilities-management and building-services providers to work with clients as trusted advisers. John Maidment of Norland Managed Services takes up the story.

Automated Building & Energy Controls (ABEC) has secured a contract to maintain the building-management system at Imperial College, London. The contract will last for five years, with a possible 2-year extension, and covers the college’s entire property estate.

maintenance, refurbishment, LED lighting, Spectral Lighting

These LED-based ‘chandeliers’ were created by Spectral Lighting to replace classic candelabra-style luminaires in the Victoria Rooms campus at the University of Bristol. They use Spectral’s H-profil system to provide the required lighting levels and a sensitive aesthetic suited to the building’s decor and befitting its history.

maintenance, refurbishment, voltage optimisation, Powerstar

Powerstar’s voltage optimisation system has been installed in over 400 Whitbread hotels and restaurants and reduced average electricity consumption by over 12%. Whitbread’s brands include Costa Coffee, Premier Inn and Beefeater, and the systems were installed as part of the company’s corporate responsibility programme ‘Good together’.

maintenance, refurbishment, Honeywell Building Solutions

Once an organisation starts saving energy, those savings can be used to finance measures to save more energy and reduce the cost of maintenance. James Napier of Honeywell Building Solutions looks into the world of energy-performance contracts.

maintenance, refurbishment, rooftop plant, VRV, VRF, air conditioning, Big Foot

The roof is a convenient place for installing air-conditioning plant, but supporting plant raises a host of issues, including subsequent changes, as Dan Rushton of Big Foot explains.

GSH Group has been awarded a 5-year contract to provide technical services for The Yorkshire Building Society. The contract covers YBS’s entire UK property portfolio of over 250 properties — including all retail and office buildings and support for four business-critical data centres.

Grundfos Pumps, booster, water

Brazil’s Maracaña stadium, refurbished for the 2014 World Cup, has all its pumping needs met by Grundfos pumps. They include 23 booster sets to deliver water to where it is needed, and well as other products to support water supply, wastewater, field irrigation, air-conditioning and fire-fighting systems.

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