Solar PV test kit meets requirements of MCS

Seaward Solar, solar PV, renewable energy

Seaward Solar has introduced a test kit for solar PV installations that provides a complete solution to MCS electrical-testing needs and BS EN 62446 easily and safely. Installers have traditionally brought together various test instruments to complete the commissioning tests required by MCS. This kit includes a multi-function PV100 electrical tester with the Solar Survey 100 irradiance meter, a clamp meter and supporting accessories.

The PV100 tester requires the push of a single button for the required sequence of electrical tests to be carried out automatically in a safe and controlled manner, avoiding the risk of contact with exposed live DC conductors.

The tester can store up to nine sets of data for use in reports. Voltage and current results are compared to check they are within 5% of each other as required by IEC 62446.

Seaward Solar also offers packs of inspection test reports and certificates and the Solar Cert Elements PC software for automatically compiling all PV test documentation and client-system handover packs.

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