Durapipe updates fuel delivery to emergency generators in Leeds

Durapipe, standby generator
The manual handling of fuel for the emergency generators in this building in Leeds is no longer required following the installation of a system based on Durapipe PLX pipework.

As part of an upgrade to the fuel-supply system for No 1 City Square in Leeds, Durapipe PLX has been installed to transport fuel to the emergency generators of this 11-storey office building. This specialist pipework is made from a robust polyethylene material with excellent resistance to long-term stress and cracking and was preferred over metal alternatives such as steel.

The new fuel-delivery system was installed in response to health-and-safety issues. Previously, barrels of oil were carried into the basement before being manually pumped through the pipework system to feed the emergency generators.

The 40/25 mm PLX pipe-in-pipe system transports fuel for the car-park entrance on the upper ground floor to storage tanks in the basement and on to the generators via a 35 m run of pipework.

The system was installed by AD Environmental.

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