Powerful descaling chemical

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Kamco’s ScaleBreaker FX for the chemical descaling of boilers, air-conditioning plant and heat exchangers is described as a vigorous descaling agent that dissolves limescale, rust and corrosion deposits. The product is circulated through the equipment to be descaled, reacting immediately and taking deposits into solution. The evolution of carbon dioxide allows visual monitoring of the descaling process.

The chemical treatment incorporates special inhibitors to protect steel, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, copper and brass. It is safe to use with metals commonly found in heating and cooling systems.

A built-in colour code shows when the descaling solution is exhausted, with the original red gradually changing to yellow as limescale is dissolved.

Descaling is faster if the solution is circulated vigorously, and Kamco offers purpose-built descaling pumps.

ScaleBreaker FX is available in packs of four 5 l bottles and 25 l drums.

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